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Damian needed weapons to take the facility. He knew only one person who had weapons.

“Becky” Damian addressed her

“What do you want, Desmond” Becky snapped. She had grown sour after Anya’s disappearance

“I need a favor”


“I need weapons”

“For what purpose”

To save Anya “I was shot recently I don’t want that to happen again”

“Oh, it’s all about you.” Becky mocked “you’re so selfish, you want protection, well what about Anya! She was there with you! Have you no remorse! She disappears and you don’t even tell us anything!” Becky began to cry

“If I had the means (weapons) I could have stopped it”

“Fine but you owe me a favor”

Nobody liked owing blackbell favors but Damian was desperate


Damian prepared body armor and an AR15 and made his way to the place. He took out two guards in the rear of the facility and made his way in.

Damian quickly made the decision that brute force would result in Anya’s death, so he equipped the guard’s uniform and continued.

He had no idea where he was going. He was starting to get anxious.

“Yo” a guard stopped him “why aren’t you wearing your earbuds”

Damian was confused

“It’s fine bro I got chu”

Damian was handed some interesting earbuds. He put them in to avoid suspension.

A guard stood ahead “ah good you’re here” he said “today we erase 007’s mind so we need to be on high alert”

Anya? If this was true Damian needed to act fast.

“How long till it’s done?” Damian inquired

“In 2 hours at 1300” the head guard said

Damian made his way down a hall looking for Anya screaming in his mind.


Alarms blared the hall became red

“Fire in sector H room 213” the intercom blared “all units respond”

Damian felt it likely had something to do with Anya. He followed a crowd and ended up in the cafeteria. Not where he wanted to be. There he saw a woman in a black dress killing everyone. He moped right out of there and followed another guard. He heard on the radio “Change of plan: we are going to start the erasing” he and the guard in front of him hurried up. They entered the room. Anya lay bound in a chair in a chair above her was a massive machine. Damian pulled out his gun and fired


Bullets flew striking several scientists

“Start the CSED” that main scientist yelled

The machine activated and began to glow

The guard Damian entered with started shooting at the scientists. Damian was confused but didn’t care he went and grabbed Anya. He hoped he got her before anything major got erased.

As they ran through the hall Damian noticed she wasn’t making noise. But quickly a guard stood in front of him. They clicked a button all of the sudden Anya fell to her knees in extreme pain. Tears ran down her face. It was agony. Smoke flooded in and Damian couldn’t see. Next thing he knew Anya was being held at gun point with a HHTND dialed to 10

“You better get out of here or I’ll hit her with a telepathic wave that will melt her brain”

Damian attacked the guard and they struggled for the weapon Damian managed to set the dial to 5 but the weapon misfired at Anya hitting her and due to the 1/16 done mind erase and the mental and physical trauma Anya was out.

Damian hit the guard and stabbed him in the throat with the detached bayonet. He then grabbed Anya and jumped out a window as he retreated, he looked back at the burning building. He dragged Anya’s unconscious body through the woods before he heard a rustle in the bushes

“Who’s there”

Loid emerged from the growth

“Mr. forger what are you doing here?” Damian asked

“Well, I came to pick up my daughter, but it looks like you beat me to it” Loid said “come on I got a car”


Damian sat in the hospital waiting. The doctors said it was a miracle she hadn’t overdosed. They omitted info on the experiments, but Anya would be in the hospital for a few days at least.
they said that was on the verge of an overdose and in this state might not survive the night.

nobody slept that night. Damian was plagued with thoughts about losing his Anya. Anya was his everything, his will to live. after all his life was pointless, he was just a spare. if Damian lost Anya, he'd probably throw himself from the top of the boy's dorm building

Mr. and Ms. forger where inconsolable. perhaps broken, It was a long 27 hours

27 hours later, the doctors informed everyone that Anya was now stable and would be discharged on Tuesday. at that moment everything calmed down and Damian could finally get some sleep


Two days later on Monday Damian went to school. It was the same miserable place as before without Anya.

“So, what did you do this weekend” Edwin asked

“I rented an amusem*nt park” Emile answered “how about you, boss man”

“Not much” he lied

Becky looked so sad sitting alone. Life without Anya really broke her. Damian watched as bill walked over to her and her mood changed quickly.


Anya was discharged from the hospital, so Damian went to the forgers

Damian sat in the forgers living room anxiously. He knew that part of Anya’s memory was gone but he didn’t know how much or what.

“You’re welcome to stay here” Loid said


“You brought our daughter back it’s the least we can do”

“Oh, thank you”

That night at the forgers Damian noticed Anya struggling in her sleep almost as if she was having a panic attack. Damian entered her room leaving the door open and sat with her. He patted her cotton candy hair. He hated seeing her like this. He blamed himself

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m here, you’re safe” he whispered to her he continued till she calmed down then he fell asleep.

Anya awoke and found Damian in her bed. She was flustered but she was oddly comfortable with it. It was strange she didn’t remember confessing anything to Damian.

Damian then woke up

“Hey are you alright? You seemed like you where haven’t a nightmare” she seemed broken at the lab

Wait? Damian was at the lab!?! Anya thought wait does he know about my mind reading?

At school rumors went around as to where Anya was all this time. Anya wasn’t happy to say the least.

“Anya!” Becky squealed “what happened where were you”

“I was” captured? No, I can’t say that “with distant relatives” she lied

Becky knew she was lying “don’t lie to me we were all worried”

“I’m not lying!”

“Fine just tell me when you’re ready ok”

Anya changed the subject “so what’d you do while I was gone”

“Oh, so that weapon I helped design was used! Unfortunately, the bad guy got away." ' Maybe if Anya was trained on it, we would have got that bad guy' becks thought

Anya was taken aback by this comment. Was Becky aware who this ‘bad guy was’

“Oh, and I got with bill”

If Anya was drinking something she would have spit it out.


“Yeah! He’s great”

The day went on as close to usual as possible, but Anya couldn’t go anywhere alone both twilight and Damian were always close by.

“Hey Anya” Damian called to her

“Yeah Damian” Anya answered

Damian’s face went red wait she called me by my first name, what happened to my nickname, did it get erased. Wait she can hear this can’t she!

Damian’s thoughts flooded Anya’s head

“Sorry I forgot the nickname” she apologized “do you like it better” she looked up at him

“No, it’s fine”

“Where you going to ask me something”

“You want ice cream”

Anya’s face lit up highlighting her emerald eyes


The ice cream parlor was a quaint little shop on the corner of 5th street. Anya ordered peanut ice cream Damian ordered chocolate.

“Dami, do you want to try”

A new nickname? “Nah”

Anya pouted “come on”


Anya quickly took her spoon took some ice cream and put it in his mouth. Damian blushed at the indirect kiss

“You look cute when you blush” Anya smiled

“Shut up” Damian said

Anya smiled “nah”

“Well, I’ll Walk you home”

“How about you come for dinner”

Damian blushed “that’s good”

its rather simple - Chapter 4 - Average_Floridian (2024)
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