Naruto: I, a decent person have become the Mastermind behind all this! - Chapter 192 (2024)

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One moment the knee pillow feels good, the other moment the knee pillow feels good, it is soft and really comfortable.

After teaching the ninjutsu, the tired Hosh*ta Shuichi naturally fell into a deep sleep with his pillow on Ye Cang’s thigh.

Lowering his head as hard as he could, Ye Cang looked at Hoshixia Xiuyi’s face, with inexplicable emotions in his eyes: “What a strange guy…”

His talent is astonishing and his strength is so powerful that people can only look up to and fear him.

Tough and domineering, but gentle and sincere towards others, he can also trust her, a former enemy.

Maybe it’s out of confidence in one’s own strength, maybe it’s something else.

Ye Cang’s cheeks were slightly hot and he muttered secretly: “What a lecherous brat!”

However, she didn’t have any objections.

Reaching out his hand and gently touching Hosh*ta Shuichi’s smiling face, Ye Cang couldn’t help but think of many people in Sunagakure Village.

It’s a pity that she can’t go back to the place she loves and hates.

The person in front of her is the only person she can rely on and trust now. If the little pervert was a few years older, maybe she would take the initiative to pursue him!

Ye Cang’s usually cold face showed a hint of shyness.

Most of the time it is indeed easy to ignore Hosh*ta Shuichi’s age, but once you take it seriously, it is difficult to avoid it.

“Damn little devil…”

Ye Cang couldn’t help but pinch Hosh*ta Shuichi’s face, and then smiled.

She wouldn’t dare to do this when Hoshixia Shuichi was awake.

Pinch left, pinch right, it’s quite fun!

“Hey, you’re going to crush my handsome face.”

Hosh*ta Shuichi’s voice suddenly sounded.

Ye Cang was shocked, as if he was caught red-handed as a thief, and he was at a loss for a moment.

Hoshixia Xiuyi opened his eyes and looked at Ye Cang who had his head lowered with a half-smile.

It took Ye Cang a while to calm down, return to the posture of a strong woman, and said expressionlessly: “Master Xiu Yi, I’m just helping you relieve your fatigue.”

What a bad excuse!

Ye Cang’s ears felt hot, but his face remained expressionless, pretending to be calm.

“So this is what it looks like…”

Hoshixia smiled evilly, turned around, faced Ye Cang’s abdomen, and put his hands around Ye Cang’s soft and tight waist: “Then help me squeeze my shoulders and waist.”

Ye Cang’s body had stiffened, and Hoshixia Shuichi’s hot breath sprayed on her abdomen, and it immediately ran through her whole body like an electric current, causing a tingling sensation.

“Um… Mr. Xiuichi, I…”

Ye Cang was at a loss for a moment, and then he couldn’t laugh or cry.

How do you pinch your shoulders and waist in this posture?

This little pervert was clearly teasing her on purpose.

Moreover, the warm breath kept blowing on her body, making her unable to help but close her legs further.

Hoshixia Xiuyi smelled Ye Cang’s unique body fragrance and felt the tension in her body. He suddenly stood up, still holding Ye Cang’s waist with both hands, and leaned close to her ear: “Ye Cang, will you be my woman? ”

Ye Cang’s mind went blank for a moment. Of course she was aware of Hoshixia Shuichi’s thoughts, but she didn’t expect that this guy would be here at this time.

“Um… Mr. Xiuichi, you are not yet old enough.”

Ye Cang reacted quickly and said.

In previous lives, in ancient times, they would have been married and had children!

Even now, Hosh*ta Shuichi can kill everyone without leaving any trace behind.

However, after listening to Ye Cang’s words, Hosh*ta Xiuyi laughed: “It turns out that you dislike my young age. It seems that Ye Cang, you also have bad intentions.”

“That… is absolutely impossible.”

Ye Cang argued, but weakly.

Talk back!

Looking at Ye Cang’s red earlobes, Hosh*ta Xiuichi struck decisively.

Ye Cang immediately stiffened and groaned, his eyes were a little straightened, and his brain was in confusion: “Master Xiuyi, he is really…”

“I can’t control it anymore, what should I do?”

“I don’t know when, I have a figure of Xiu Yi in my heart. It’s really distressing…”

“But at his age…am I going a little too far?”

At this time, Hoshixia Xiuyi’s voice sounded: “Ye Cang, turn around.”

Ye Cang subconsciously turned his head in confusion.

Shuichi Hosh*ta immediately launched an attack and used his own unique ninjutsu.

Swordsmanship – verbal exchanges!

Ye Cang immediately activated his ninjutsu to resist, Earth Release-Fang Wall Jutsu.

Unfortunately, the difference in strength between the two was too big, and the tooth wall technique was quickly broken by Shuichi Hosh*ta’s verbal sword technique.

In order to completely defeat Ye Cang, Hosh*ta Shuichi once again launched the secret technique – the art of eloquence.

The effect of this technique was astonishing, causing many people to break up and break the threads.

As expected, Ye Cang couldn’t resist. He was completely defeated and surrendered, and handed over the spoils to Hoshige Shuichi.

Hosh*ta Shuichi was naturally rude about this and accepted all the spoils.

The fruit tasted really good, and Hosh*ta Shuichi was very satisfied, but he was not satisfied and wanted more trophies.

“Master Xiuichi, that place is too dangerous, you can’t go there…”

“Since I am an adult, of course you have to listen to me.”

Ye Cang didn’t dare to look at Xingxia Xiu. He turned his head and nodded lightly: “Yes.”

“Don’t forget to call me Xiuichi.”

“That…yes, Mr. Shuichi.”

The morning passed quickly.

After eating and drinking at the experimental base Ye Cang at noon, Hosh*ta Shuichi returned to Konoha Village in the afternoon.

Although the beauty is gentle, she must be strong enough to protect everything. Xingxia Xiu is very clear about this, and she must not relax in practice.

So he spent the entire afternoon studying Asuka’s cells at the experimental base.

After the basic training in the afternoon, Shuichi Hosh*ta stopped by the Hokage Building and reported to Hiruzen Sarutobi about Asuma Sarutobi’s participation in the experiment.

Sure enough, Sarutobi Hiruzen just nodded to show that he understood, but did not stop the matter. Instead, he said: “Shuichi, Asuma will trouble you.”

Hosh*ta Shuichi said with a smile: “Don’t worry, Third Hokage, Asuma has grown a lot and I won’t let you down.”

In this regard, Sarutobi Hiruzen could only sigh secretly, hoping that Hosh*ta Shuichi’s words would come true.

Time passed quickly amidst Hosh*ta Shuichi’s busy schedule, and July arrived in the blink of an eye.

Hoshixia Shuichi, who came back from Ye Cang, had just put himself into the experiment when the memory of a shadow clone came back.

“It’s finally done!”

After checking the memory, Hosh*ta Shuichi looked happy.

Uzumaki Kushina finally mastered the power of the Nine-Tails and developed the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

Putting down the tools in his hands, Shuichi Hosh*ta used the Flying Thunder God to come to the side where Uzumaki Kushina was training. He happened to see Uzumaki Kushina in Nine-tails Chakra mode on the grass fighting with Namikaze Minato.

Namikaze Minato, who did not use the Flying Thunder God, was completely at a disadvantage. Whether it was strength or speed, he was inferior to Uzumaki Kushina in all aspects.

When she noticed the arrival of Shuichi Hosh*ta, the rising Uzumaki Kushina immediately shouted: “Shuichi, you come too!”

Before the words could even be finished, Uzumaki Kushina had already turned around and rushed to Hosh*ta Shuichi.


The fists and palms collided, causing air waves to rise, and Xingxia Xiu flew away from the ground with a pair of feet.

“Shuichi, if you don’t activate Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, you are no match for me!”

Uzumaki Kushina chuckled and caught up with Shuichi Hosh*ta.

“That’s not necessarily the case.”

After the words fell, Hosh*ta Shuichi’s cells all over his body were activated, coupled with the explosion of strange power, fists and feet collided. Although his body retreated again, it was not as shocking as before.

However, the activation of cells that create regeneration does not increase enough in combat, and the speed is still far inferior to the Nine-Tails Chakra mode.

Therefore, during the third confrontation, Hosh*ta Shuichi directly activated the Thunder Chakra Mode.

This time, I finally opened up with Uzumaki Kushina in Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

However, Hosh*ta Shuichi also knows very well that the Thunder Chakra mode is still not as good as the Nine-Tails Chakra mode, but his own foundation is very amazing, and he has an astonishing neural reaction speed.

But even so, Uzumaki Kushina was very surprised: “Is the Thunder Chakra mode so powerful?”

Namikaze Minato, who was already watching the battle, smiled and said: “Kushina, it’s not the thunder chakra mode that’s great, it’s Shuichi.”

“Haven’t you noticed that in normal conditions, although Shuichi’s speed is not as good as yours, his reaction ability is no worse than yours.”

Uzumaki Kushina understood, looked at Hosh*ta Shuichi who had completely blocked her offensive, and shouted: “Shuichi, you should also activate the Nine-Tails Chakra mode!”

Easily avoiding Uzumaki Kushina’s kick, Hosh*ta Shuichi chuckled: “Then you have to be careful.”

After the words fell, Hosh*ta Shuichi turned on the Nine-Tails Chakra mode, and then the person disappeared from the eyes of Uzumaki Kushina.

“So fast!”

Uzumaki Kushina turned her head, and then she was kicked away.

Next, Uzumaki Kushina completely fell below and was in a passive position to be beaten.

Namikaze Minato looked at it and couldn’t help but marvel: “Similar to the Sage Mode, it is increased on an individual basis. The power of the Nine-Tails is not inferior to the Sage Mode at all.”

But now in Uzumaki Kushina’s belly, Yang Kyuubi raised his head and sneered: “She lost with the same power, what a stupid woman.”

Uzumaki Kushina was furious when she heard Yang Kyuubi’s ridicule, gritting her teeth to squeeze out her potential.

Hoshixia Xiuyi raised his eyebrows slightly and continued to suppress.

He didn’t use all his strength just now.

After a while, Uzumaki Kushina stopped her offensive, somewhat discouraged: “She is no match for you, Shuichi!”

“And that Kyuubi guy actually mocked me!”

Hosh*ta Shuichi released the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and said with a smile: “Because in the normal state, I am much stronger than you, Master. The same mode will of course have different effects.”

“As for that Kyuubi guy, let’s beat him up together next time.”

Uzumaki Kushina has always been a carefree and optimistic nature. After hearing this, she didn’t need to put her hands on her hips and smiled: “That’s right!”

“However, in this mode, I should be the third most powerful in the village, right?”

If this is the case…

Hosh*ta Shuichi looked at his teacher Minato Namikaze.

Namikaze Minato smiled and said, “Of course.”

“The Third Hokage is first, Shuichi is second, Kushina you are third, and I am fourth!”

Uzumaki Kushina raised her fist happily after hearing this: “I can also sense malice now, Shuichi, leave the next task of preventing the invasion of White Zetsu to me!”

Hosh*ta Shuichi immediately shied away: “I’ll listen to Minato-sensei on this.”

Uzumaki Kushina immediately looked at Namikaze Minato, with the intention of taking action if she didn’t agree.

Namikaze Minato had no choice but to nod: “Let the ANBU ninja cooperate with you when the time comes.”

Uzumaki Kushina immediately laughed happily: “That’s pretty much it.”

From this day on, Hosh*ta Shuichi also had one more task, which was to become Uzumaki Kushina’s sparring partner.

With the power of Nine-Tails Chakra mode, only Shuichi Hosh*ta can be this sparring partner in the entire Konoha Village.

Even Namikaze Minato in his normal state doesn’t work.

Another two weeks passed in the blink of an eye.

Namikaze Minato was once again sent to the battlefield by Sarutobi Hiruzen, but this time Sarutobi Hiruzen wanted to use Namikaze Minato’s intimidation to completely make the Iwa ninja give up their illusions, accept peace talks, and end the protracted war.

Sure enough, in less than three days, news of the front-line victory came back.

A few days later, Hosh*ta Shuichi received news from Sarutobi Shinnosuke that the peace talks between Konoha, Sunagakure and Iwagakure started again.

On July 28, Konoha 46, Namikaze Minato returned from the front line.

Shuichi Hosh*ta, who was enjoying the tenderness of Ye Cang in the Daming Mansion, hurried back to Konoha after receiving the memory of the shadow clone’s feedback.

“Jiraiya-senpai went to the Land of Rain first?”

After hearing what his teacher Minato Namikaze said, Hosh*ta showed consciousness and frowned, and immediately said: “Teacher, I will go to the Land of Rain to join Jiraiya-senpai now!”

Namikaze Minato nodded: “Then it’s Shuichi’s fault.”

“If there’s a fight, get back first!”

He remained in awe of the Rinnegan, and the safety of Hosh*ta Shuichi and his teacher Jiraiya was his top priority.

“I see!”

Xingxiaxiu nodded and disappeared immediately.

Soon he came to the land of rain, and then turned on the immortal mode and spread his perception.

“found it!”

After closing the sage mode, Hosh*ta Shuichi disappeared again.

A moment later, Hosh*ta Shuichi entered a small town in the Land of Rain, and then came to an izakaya and found Jiraiya who was teasing the bartender.

“Xiuyi, I knew you would come here, come here quickly!”

Jiraiya was not surprised at all by Hosh*ta Shuichi’s arrival, and waved to Hosh*ta Shuichi in a slightly drunken state.

Hosh*ta Shuichi stepped forward and sat down opposite Jiraiya, complaining: “It seems that I came too early and disturbed your interest.”

Jiraiya chuckled: “Where, where, it’s just the right time.”

The waitress in heavy make-up poured a drink for Hosh*ta Shuichi with a smile.

“Thank you, I don’t drink.”

Hosh*ta Xiuyi smiled and politely declined.

Jiraiya smiled and said, “He is not an adult yet and cannot drink.”

The waitress was a little surprised: “This gentleman can’t tell at all!”

Indeed, Hosh*ta Shuichi’s height and temperament don’t look like a 13-year-old person at all.

Jiraiya looked at the serious Hosh*ta Shuichi, winked and said, “Shuichi, would you like to introduce a woman to you?”

Having just finished eating from Ye Cang, Hosh*ta Shuichi refused with confidence.

Besides, can the people here compare to Ye Cang and the others?

It was obvious that Jiraiya was really hungry.

After a while, Jiraiya and Hosh*ta Shuichi walked out of the izakaya and came to an alley.

“Shuichi, did you feel it?”

At this time, Jiraiya no longer looked like the prodigal son he had just been. Although he was smiling, his eyes were looking at a tall tower in the distance seriously.

Hosh*ta Shuichi followed his gaze and asked, “Is Nagato there?”

Jiraiya said: “Not sure, his chakra seems to be different from before.”

“Is that so?”

Hoshixia injects chakra into the ground with a show of his feet, activates his listening technique, and his perception spreads rapidly.

Soon he locked onto a slightly familiar chakra, and his eyes couldn’t help but condense: “I see, the situation is not good!”

Jiraiya turned to look at Hosh*ta Shuichi: “What’s going on?”

Hosh*ta Shuichi stopped listening and said, “I’m afraid it’s the first generation of cells.”

Jiraiya sighed when he heard this, and said with a helpless smile: “It seems that we have encountered the most difficult situation!”

“So, Shuichi, what are your plans?”

“How about I go check on the situation first, and you can take care of me outside?”

Naruto: I, a decent person have become the Mastermind behind all this! - Chapter 192 (2024)
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